Horoscop sagittarius 28 28 january 2020

Decan 1 Sagittarius 2020 Horoscope
  1. Astrology Zodiac Signs Dates in 2020
  2. Sagittarius january Horoscope
  3. Your Horoscope for the Week of January 28
  4. January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part Two

Mars enters Aries. Saturn enters Capricorn. Sun enters Leo. Mercury enters Leo. Venus enters Cancer. Mercury enters Virgo.

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Sun enters Virgo. Mercury enters Libra. Venus enters Leo. Sun enters Libra Autumn Equinox.

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  8. Mercury enters Scorpio. Venus enters Virgo. Lilith enters Taurus. Sun enters Scorpio. Venus enters Libra. Venus enters Scorpio. Sun enters Sagittarius. Mercury enters Sagittarius.

    Astrology Zodiac Signs Dates in 2020

    Venus enters Sagittarius. Jupiter enters Aquarius. Privacy Policy. Aries Decans. Taurus Decans. Scorpio Decans. Sagittarius Decans. Capricorn Decans.

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    Sagittarius january Horoscope

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    Your Horoscope for the Week of January 28

    For entertainment purposes only. Nonetheless, you will keep your own opinion and advanced intellectual abilities. You may feel abrupt changes of your mood. One time you will be serious and then sociable and merry. Anyway, you are not worried what other people think about you and you go on your own way.

    This period will be a little bit colder when it comes to love. However, you like being around your friends more than ever. Your personality is somehow attractive for a lot of people. Just look out because you might end up with the wrong ones. During this time, support from the people around you will be very enjoyable. In extreme cases, you might even build trust for a person that will betray you later on.

    January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part Two

    In this span, you yearn for being respected so that you feel unsettled if someone thinks that you are a fool. Hence, you are rather silent and wait. Thanks to this position, conservative thinking may appear, especially when it comes to relationships and dry humour. In this period, you will be rather honest. No matter the circumstances — whether it is appropriate or not.

    Since you will feel a need to stand for your opinions and ideas very firmly.