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Horoscope: May 25
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In it, he stresses the magic of writing down our wishes and intentions and then re-reading them and saying them out loud. As I said at the start of , this year is a lot about learning about manifesting.

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Have you noticed how many more people are talking about manifesting and teaching about it as well? So if you have something you want to create, this is the time to test your abilities so you can see how powerful you are! The Earth is a school of manifestation. We manifest through our emotions — and the Moon is all about emotions which is why New Moon manifesting works so well! August second New Moon in Virgo. London: 30 Aug at You might even feel happy financially speaking, or content with your possessions.

And yet, you also feel at loose ends, like you don't know what to do.

Horoscope: May 25

Join the club. We number millions.

Relations with friends or groups are particularly friendly and warm today. It's easy to establish a warm simpatico with others.

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It's as if you can read each other's minds. Good day to piggyback other people's ideas. But check the Moon Alert above before you make a decision. In other words, they will notice you! It appears they might notice you for something that you did anonymously or behind the scenes or even secretly. Let's hope you're not busted. This is an interesting day to explore exciting ideas, philosophies, religions, and profound discussions with others.

You're curious about the answers to big questions, plus you also have a heightened appreciation of art today.

It's sort of a touchy-feely thang, but fun! You might feel sympathetic to others; and prompted by these feelings, you might then be tempted to give away the farm. Don't do this! Feelings of compassion, generosity and concern are a good thing, but they have to be grounded in reality.

Today is fuuuuzzy. Be prepared to go more than half way when dealing with others today because the Moon is opposite your sign. It will be easy for you to do this because you're extremely intuitive today. In fact, some of you are picking up heavy metal music through your Mercury fillings. Tread carefully with all issues at work today because certain things are not clear.

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You could make assumptions, and in doing so, you might make the wrong assumptions. There's too much smoke and mirrors going on right now for you to get a clear picture of anything. Easy does it. This is a creative day. It's a wonderful day to explore the arts, the theatre, musical performances, sports, and playful activities with children.

Romantic flirtations will be exciting. But avoid important decisions, especially about financial matters. Check the Moon Alert above before spending money on anything except food. This is a lovely day to hide or cocoon at home. Family events can be warm and sympathetic.

Venus enters Sagittarius

However, avoid important family discussions, especially about family businesses. Clarity is difficult to establish today, even though sympathy is abundant.

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