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I have served on Innisfil Council for over 23 years, first as a councillor and the past four years as deputy mayor.

My two children were born and raised here. You can rely on my continued long-term dedication to the town. I recently finished a two-year term as president of AMO. It was an honour to be chosen to represent municipalities in Ontario and ensure the needs of local governments were recognized by the provincial and federal governments. In the past term we have had many successes, including the launch of our on-demand Innisfil Transit, which has gained international recognition.

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We opened a walk-in clinic that is temporarily housed in Town Hall while we finish construction of a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary health and wellness centre. We launched a mobile youth centre, which travels around our community to bring fun activities to kids of all ages. Getting involved with something artistic or into a partnered or team activity can appeal. Librans are forever stylish, so you appreciate a well groomed mate. Nails need to be tidy too!

Lynne Ewart

MAKE … the year you listen to your intuitive self. Upheavals and emotional turmoil often follow in your wake, and yet with each bump in the road, your strength, courage and resilience increases, as does your insight and, my goodness, your problem solving skills are second to none. You are the Phoenix. Never forget that. You arrived here on planet Earth already destined for times of rebirthing and for many fresh chapters.

Not for you a dull life. You are a wonderful listener, and that will mean so much, all your life.

The classic Sagittarius is a positive thinker, rarely stopping to dwell on a problem, way too busy seeking the solution. Your nature tends to be open and direct, and you value your freedom so much, you need to be able to travel, to be on the move.

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Independence is always your intention, so you will do whatever it takes to stay fit and mobile! Travel, ideally across beautiful scenery, learning new things and being with knowledgeable people makes you happy.

Topics - Calgaryherald

MAKE … the year you steer your way to a golden ambition. Not for you is the fast fix or low cost merchandise that falls apart within months. Finding a cashmere coat in a charity shop could delight the typical Capricorn!

You can come across as fairly reserved, whilst quietly getting the measure of another, but when you turn on the full beam of your charismatic charm, few have the defences that could resist you! The eyes of a Capricorn are rarely as serious as your demeanour! You are attracted to a steadfast mate who, ideally, can cook and who entertains well. You do love stimulating chat over a nice meal! Ruled by cranky Uranus, you can be opinionated and stubborn, but you can also be won over with clever humour!

Yet you are often handed a life path that demands you have your feet on the ground, looking after others, overlooking yourself. In true Cinderella style though, your life will also contain moments of magic where kindnesses are rewarded when least expected. Never say never! You enjoy travel, and music and laughter, but friendly as you are, you also need to have peaceful little capsules of time every now and then where you can recharge your batteries in tranquil surroundings, maybe with a good book.


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