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Jupiter exits intense, emotional, mysterious Scorpio and comes out into the open as he enters Sagittarius on November 8. Jupiter is larger than life, optimistic, loves adventure and risk. He can be an accomplished gambler, weighing risk against reward, or a foolish spendthrift who presses his luck and loses it all at the track. When Jupiter is in Sagittarius, his home sign, he is all that— turned up to A planet in its home sign expresses its pure energy.

December 2 Birthday Astrology | HowStuffWorks

Jupiter loves adventure. Time to, grow and to know. Trust your knowing— but take the time to think through the details, too.

Those industries are travel, gambling, teaching, publishing, loans, appraisals. People ruled by Sag are aristocrats, celebrities, attorneys, judges, juries, brokers, clergy, professors, promoters, Senators, jockeys. Places are churches, colleges, stables, race tracks.

"SAGITTARIUS" - Blessed Changes.. Love/ New Career/ A Significant Person Birthday! - DEC 2 - 8, 2018

So we may see an explosion in diseases and problems related to excess, such as pollution, excess weight, obesity, diabetes, liver disease, bankruptcy , etc. Many of these problems are already at worrisome levels.

In the body, Jupiter rules fat and fat metabolism. Many health problems could be resolved by coming into a healthier relationship with dietary fat. Most of us need to be eating more of the right kind of fat. The government and medical establishment have been telling us for decades that dietary fat makes you fat. As a result, most people, even medical professionals, believe that the way to lose weight is a low-fat diet. Low-fat means high-carb— because you have to get energy from somewhere, and those are our two main options.

Excess carbohydrate a. The hormone insulin also ruled by Jupiter signals the body to stop burning energy, to flip the metabolic switch and store energy. When blood glucose goes up, your body cranks out the insulin, causing you to store the excess glucose as fat. So why is the medical establishment still recommending low-fat, high-carb diets for weight loss and diabetes? Why do hospitals serve patients cereal and pastries for breakfast? Hint: processed food manufacturers have a lot of input into the dietary guidelines.

If low-fat diets worked, we would not have epidemic levels of obesity. Low-fat high-carb dieting is a setup for failure, because fat satiates hunger and carbs do not. They eat less sugar and starch. Their metabolism changes. Their energy improves. They can eat more calories and still lose weight. Win win win!! Jupiter also rules the liver.

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The liver helps you digest fat and performs miraculous metabolic transformations for you every day. It detoxifies you, makes your enzymes and hormones, helps you make blood cells, recycles old blood cells. Having a good time, traveling, fast food— all of these Jupiter in Sagittarius things can take a toll on the liver. Foods that support the liver are fresh citrus, especially lemon, BEETS, cruciferous vegetables, natural fats, liver of course and other high-quality proteins. But you need to understand that there is a difference between feeding and nourishment.

Financial horoscope Sagittarius

These herbs nourish and enrich the blood and liver. But the problem is instead of growing, they become addicted and dependent on you. They then play with your mind and get you addicted to whatever little it is that they offer. As a person who is highly extroverted, a career in politics or entertainment is well suited for people born on the 2nd of December.

You can look up to artists like Britney Spears and Lucy Liu for inspirations. They are only some of the well-known personalities who have the same birthday as you. It seems that regardless of who you are talking to, you know how to read people well enough as to engage their hot buttons. This makes you a very emotionally persuasive person. However, once you ask them to explain why they decided the way they did, they would come up with some reasonably-sounding explanation.

December 2 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope Personality

People born on this day find it easy to be in social groups. They love to be surrounded by people who appreciate what they do. Individuals who were born on December 2 also exude a positivity that is contagious to any social group they go into. You are such a positive person that you have excess energy.

Love and Compatibility for December 2 Zodiac

Regardless of how cranky your friends are, regardless of how much they use you, you continue to come back to them again and again and again. When you come back, you give. They also have a very unrealistic view of things at times and have high expectations of other people. You are, after all, just a human being. Understand that you have your limits. Their high ambitions are backed up by their endless potential so they always find a way to achieve their goals.

This planet also reflects fighting for what you believe in and having a larger-than-life outlook towards life. Deep Red exhibits passion and strong will. This color also inspires you to drive for action no matter what the circumstances are. When your birthday is 2nd December, therefore making you a Sagittarius, it can be tempting to want to remark on all you encounter in the most direct way possible. Think instead how to more politely word your remarks, or perhaps even if many of them are worth sharing at all.

If you are a person born on December 2nd, you should be able to weigh out both your positive and negative characteristics. You have to learn to be humble. While you have the ability to excel in everything that you do, you have to try and show people that you are modest.